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Pack Hay Twine 10000

Pack Medium Twine 12000

Pack Fine Twine 22300




FFP2 Masks                        Hand Sanitiser 330ml

2 for £9.31 £6.30

Matabi 16 Back Pack  Sprayer  Ground Force Selective 1L Gallup Home & Garden 1L

£54.99 £19.50 £19.50

Side Shift Flail Mower, working width 1800mm/6ft


SkyBird, bird scaring rockets are designed to clear away birds in response to a very loud bang overhead. Launched at an angle of approx. 45°, by an out-of-view operator, the unexpected loud mid-air explosion ensures non return for many hours – especially if reinforced by a second rocket set off very soon after the first.


Double Banger Bird Scaring Ropes. These unique double banger ropes (every other bang is a double), are designed to emulate a shotgun in the field and to make birdscaring more effective. 12 Ropes per box, 18 bangs per rope, approx 30mins between bangs.


Squire Warrior Large Dial Combination Padlock, Closed Shackle, 10yr Guarantee, High Security Rating (9).


Jakoti Shears. Best Seller! Longlife & durable sharp blades. Useful around the farm and garden!£23.50

Tanaka Blower TRB 24EAP


Tanaka Hedge Trimmer 22”
Chainsaw Stihl MS180 14ӣ179.99

Forestry Helmet/Face Shield & Ear Defenders


Reclaimed Sleepers – 2.6m 240mm x 150mm (Quantity Discounts Available)


New Sleepers, 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm, High Quality Tanalised


Hoggs Short Sleeved Shirt

Hoggs Check Shirt, Long Sleeve.


All prices displayed Ex. VAT

Animal Feeding and Handling


Cattle Hurdles 1750 High x 3m

Pins to go with



Forden Concrete Water Troughs                   6ft x 2ft, 60 Gallon Capacity £152.00 + VAT


Water Troughs 2ft to 8ft in Stock. Standard or with welded end service box.

4ft Sheep Hurdles£18.75
5ft Sheep Hurdles£21.00
6ft Sheep Hurdles£21.50
Yearling Ring Feeder 1600mm (5ft3″)Dia, 18 Feed Spaces.£166.00
Cattle Circular Feeder, Heavy Duty, 610mm Sheet, 7ft6″ Dia, 20 Feed Spaces.£229.00

Cattle Circular Feeder, Standard, 470mm Sheet, 7ft Dia, 20 Feed Spaces.


Tombstone Feeder


Beef Trough on Legs, 2.5m


Beef Trough on Legs, Heavy Duty, 3m


Sheep Troughs 9ft Standard


Sheep Hay Rack and Manger 2500mm IAE


Lamb Creep Feeder 2500mm Bateman


Sheep Ring Feeder (IAE)£110.00
Sheep Troughs (IAE)£29.50
Sheep Hay Feeder Baskets, Drop Over.£15.00
All prices displayed Ex. VAT

Battery Chargers and Jump leads


Gwaza Battery Charger. 30 Amp, Dual Voltage 12/24A, Battery Capacity 30-200AH

HD Gwaza Booster Cables 700Amp£53.15
Go Part Jump Leads 35mm 480A 12/24V£29.50

Available to order…

McConnel PT270 Topper 2.7m Working Width.

McConnel PT270£POA