Oils and Lubricants

We stock an extensive range of Oils and lubricants.

Our main brand Penine, provide premium products with exceptional service and support enabling us to provide you with the right oil for your machine.

Below are all of the oils and lubricants we hold in stock. For details on price or help and advice to identify the oil you need, call in and see us or contact us by telephone or email:

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Oils & Lubricants
Oils and Lubricants



Rustguard DW40400ml
White Grease400ml
BD90 Belt Spray500ml
Brake Cleaner500ml
Easy Start300ml
Chain Spray400ml
Penetrating Oil500ml



Antifreeze Universal MEG20L
Antifreeze Universal MEG5L
Antifreeze Longlife20L
De Icer Spray600ml

Brake Fluid


Brake Fluid Dot 41L
Brake Fluid Dot 4 5L
LHM Plus1L



Chain Lube Polymer400ml
Chain Grease Aerosol400ml



Chainsaw Oil Med / Heavy25L
Chainsaw Oil Med / Heavy5L
Chainsaw Oil Med / Heavy205L



Power Wash Xtra25L
High Foam Fleet Shine25L
Screen Wash Holts1L
Screen Wash Holts5L

Engine Oil


Uni Power SAE30 5L
Uni Power SAE30 25L
Uni Cat SAE30 25L
UltraFleet EHPD 15W/40 25L
UltraFleet EHPD 15W/40 205L 
UltraFleet MST HD 25L
UltraGrade 15W/40 5L
UltraGrade 15W/40 25L
UltraGrade SS 10/405L
SUTO Plus 10W/30 25L
SUTO Plus 10W/30205L
SUTO Plus 15W/3025L
SUTO Plus 10W/4025L
Heritage SAE 405L
Ultrasyn SS 10W/405L
Ultrasyn SS 10W/4025L
Ultrasyn Pro F 5W/305L
Ultrasyn Pro J 5W/305L
Ultrasyn MOTO TT 10W/405L
Eurosyn Ultra LS 10W/405L

Gear Oil


EPX 80W/90 5L
EPX 80W/90 25L
EPX 85W/140 5L
EPX 85W/140 25L
Limited Slip LS90 25L 
Limited Slip LS90 5L
JCB Gear Oil Plus5L
JCB Gear Oil Plus25L
Gear Max SS 75W/901L



Penstral GT160 (red long life)12.5Kg
Penstral GT160 (red long life)Per 1 Tube
Penstral GT160 (red long life)Per 12 Tubes
Penstral GT160 (red long life) Shuttle TypePer Shuttle
Lithium Grease EP212.5Kg
Lithium Grease EP2Per 1 Tube
Lithium Grease EP2Per 12 Tubes
Lithium Grease EP2 Shuttle TypePer Shuttle
White Grease SprayAerosol
Copper Grease0.5Kg
Semi Fluid Grease EP00 Tub12.5kg
Penstral GT615Small Tub

Hydraulic Oil


Hydraulic Oil 3225L
Hydraulic Oil 32205L
Hydraulic Oil 4625L
Hydraulic Oil 46205L
HVI T46 Hydraulic Oil25L
HVI T32 Hydraulic Oil25L
HMAF 46 Zinc Free25L
HMAF 46 Zinc Free205L
Agritran CNH25L
Agritran CNH205L
Agritran WB25L

Transmission Oil


ATF Type G5L
ATF Type G25L
ATF Dextron II5L
ATF Dextron II25L


Two Stroke Oil


Semi Synthetic Two Stroke1L
Semi Synthetic Two Stroke5L

Vaccumm Pump Oil


Fullwood Vaccum Pump Oil5L
Milking Machine Oil5L
Milking Machine Oil25L